Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Number 5, I guess?

Arre we Numbering our posts? just wondering.

YAY!! jen added me! woot woot!

I am the person writing this blog, or one of many... also known as Maggie.

Here is a poem that I wrote for drama because we were supposed to do a comic love poem. I didn't actually perform it though so I though you guys might like it.

I love pi
as in 3.14
but I also love you
in fact maybe more

which is weird 
because everyone knows that you suck at math
and it's pretty obvious 
you have no career path

I always said 
I'd never fall for a guy
who couldn't at least 
appreciate pi

but now I've been wondering
exactlly why do I care?
You're so dang sweet 
with really great hair

so maybe it's time 
to let go of pi
and fall for a boy
who might make me cry

but if it works out
if we get that far
at least i'll have a guy
to change the tires on my car <3

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