Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Love Poem...?

Chibiko here! When was our last update? Hmm.........April? Haha! Nobody is posting here anymore....weird!

I just had this poem stuck on my brain for a while...........my mind is gumbled so I'm sorry if it doesn't make sense! It was inspired by a depressing manga I read! It made my eyes all puffy and everything! The manga was, "Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi". Warning, its a Gay manga so............anyways! It has such an amazing storyline and I wanted to sum up the feeling the main character had. Here's my poem!

Sorry for everthing.
I just want to end everything
Please forget it all

I couldn't forget you
After ten years

The dark opening
Is sucking me in
I can't hold anything in
I can't keep clinging onto you
I push you away

Yet you pull me closer
and tell me three words
in a soft whisper.

"I love you"

I can't take it
I don't deserve it
I hate you.

But you know that's not true
I wish the world was as simple
You don't care.

I fight with this feeling everday
You keep pestering me,
loving me,
calling and harrassing me.

But I don't dislike it.


Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fools Day~!

Chibiko here!

Haha.....nobody has been posting! Well everybody else does have lives to attend too.....might as well.......it's up to me again! Today is April Fools day.....nothing exciting has happened. I hope my poem doesn't overly suck!

Oh no.
April Fools day.
Am I going to be the victim again?
Or the pranker?

I walk around the corner
trying to find my first victim


Ok that's it. I'm brain dead! It's still Spring Break and I don't want to kill my brain before school starts again!


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wal-mart Cashier

Hi everyone. Sorry no one has posted any poems on here for a while but some of us have been busy with school (exams are coming up) and holidays and some of us just haven't written any poems. :'( But! Yes there is a but. Before the holidays I had a 'bad' experience (girls should know what I mean) and I was complaining about it the other day and I was told to write a poem about it. Here it is (I'll tell the story after)

Wal-Mart Cashier

I Look Seek and See
I'm Looking fot the One
I Run Along
Not Knowing Exactly What I Want
Or Knowing What I Need
Finally I Come to the End
That's What I Thought
You Pull Me Farther Forward
Then I Think I'm There
I Think You Show Me the End
Finally You Throw Me
Into a New Maze
Into a Different Maze
I Hope I can Find You Again
I Want to End With You
If Only I Knew Who You Were

Ok. Here is a summary of the story behind the poem.
 I went to Wal-mart before the holidays to buy presents for my siblings and when i went to pay i was at the end of a longer line up then usual so a guy about my age that works at wal-mart comes to me and tells me i can come up and pay at his check out. I go and we talk and i pay. He was quite cute and super nice and i haven't been able to get him off my mind. Now here's the part where i should kick myself. I don't know his name and i don't know his more exact age. Plus i don't know if he goes to my school or not. It's a small school but it's big enough that i don't see everyone. So he might go to my school or he might not. I may or may not ever know. 
We'll try and give more poems so don't let your panties get in a knot and hold on to your horses before you f*** bomb us. LOL. Seriously. Don't get mad at us. We have lives beyond the World Wide Web.
Tata for now. The 'T' is out.