Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Number Four

Yes i right the word "number" and not the abbreviations. I am the fourth poet or writer (whatever you want to call it) that Jen has told you all about. I'm not a big poet but i will most definitely give it my all. I don't have a poem for you today but I will tell you what poems I enjoy. I enjoy simple poems that are sweet and kind (like "roses are red".) If a poem gets too big I get confused and don't want to read it however i will try to make sense of it. That is my... rant i guess. Don't hate me and i will try my best.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

(the poem with no title and screwed up font)

Hey everybody!

I guess I'm third.... =(
I was originally going to be first, but then they started without me!
So, we created this blog to post the poetry that my friends and I write in LA class. Who are my friends? Well, if you know us our names are Jen, Chibiko (she won't let me post her real name!) , Meg, and maybe Tamara. We are a bunch of nerdy friends at our school that said "hey, poetry, let's try it!" Oh the inspiration behind this? Totally our English teacher. He is like a nutcase. He calls me a smart ass everyday! And the goal of this blog? Well, we were are PLANNING to each post a poem every week. But, that will probably last a month. Not to be pessimistic or anything.

My first poem is going to be one I already posted on my other blog  (Check it out!)

SO *big breath*   Here I go!

(the poem with no title and screwed up font)

I’m supposed to let you drive

let you have control
of my life.
I’m not supposed to hurt.

If you take my hand

I could live like
you want me to.
I’m not supposed to
have scars.
You could open my eyes
to everything
around me.

what if I let go?
and lose control

what if you’re not there
to catch me?
Will I fall…

I’m not supposed to have scars.


Monday, September 26, 2011

My Turn!!

Meg = 2nd the best! I guess it's my turn to do a blog post now. COOL BEANS!!

Well anyways I am the Meg that had the idea for this blog!!

Ya! Anyways I epically failed at starting numerous other blogs but well lets hope that this is the one that works out for me!

Personally I am not bad at writing poems but I would much rather be reading or reciting them. Any who, I chose something slightly different for my first poem on this blog but I hope you enjoy it!!

The Answer is in the Question


m. larose


Well that's the poem that I chose to do and yes it is a type of poetry. So there! To all those elementary school teachers that told me I had to rhyme, I don't have to rhyme no shit no more.

And to all those haters out there. That's right your just sad because you didn't think of it. Haha!

Well anyways to those who did like that poem cool beans!Thanks for reading and let us know about any poem ideas you have in the comment section BELOW and we'll see what we can do...

This is Meg and I'm Signing Out!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's all up to me...

Hi! This is Chibiko from uh......oh yeah! From this blog! - Manga Freak!

Well since Jenny Jen was supposed to do the first post but didn't have time, I did it instead!

As you know (or not), I am a classmate and forever friends with Jenny Jen from the blog, Inside my Head.

Since we make a whole bunch of poems for L.A class (no joke), my friend Meg suggested that we make a blog that consisted of our poems. I have alot of friends that are going to be posting poems so look forward to them! We would post one poem every week (or at least try to...).

Just to throw it out there, I suck at poems so go ahead and laugh at how my poems suck. Just don't critize them! I'm not amazing......and I personally hate writing poems. I actually love reading some because some are just down right amazing! :D

Well here I go. The first poem of the week. I guess I'll start with my favorite one.....hehe.... ^ ^


I can't think of anything else
My mind is clouded
with the thought of Chocolate.

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!!!
Oh, how I want some of it right now.
Oh, my stomach craves for the sweet sensation of
how it melts in your mouth
And sticks to your tongue
and teeth.

I love how it brightens my day
even on my off days.

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!!!

There you go. My poem. I think its ok considering its from me. Thank you for reading it! Please look forward to more poems!!! :D