Monday, September 26, 2011

My Turn!!

Meg = 2nd the best! I guess it's my turn to do a blog post now. COOL BEANS!!

Well anyways I am the Meg that had the idea for this blog!!

Ya! Anyways I epically failed at starting numerous other blogs but well lets hope that this is the one that works out for me!

Personally I am not bad at writing poems but I would much rather be reading or reciting them. Any who, I chose something slightly different for my first poem on this blog but I hope you enjoy it!!

The Answer is in the Question


m. larose


Well that's the poem that I chose to do and yes it is a type of poetry. So there! To all those elementary school teachers that told me I had to rhyme, I don't have to rhyme no shit no more.

And to all those haters out there. That's right your just sad because you didn't think of it. Haha!

Well anyways to those who did like that poem cool beans!Thanks for reading and let us know about any poem ideas you have in the comment section BELOW and we'll see what we can do...

This is Meg and I'm Signing Out!

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