Tuesday, September 27, 2011

(the poem with no title and screwed up font)

Hey everybody!

I guess I'm third.... =(
I was originally going to be first, but then they started without me!
So, we created this blog to post the poetry that my friends and I write in LA class. Who are my friends? Well, if you know us our names are Jen, Chibiko (she won't let me post her real name!) , Meg, and maybe Tamara. We are a bunch of nerdy friends at our school that said "hey, poetry, let's try it!" Oh the inspiration behind this? Totally our English teacher. He is like a nutcase. He calls me a smart ass everyday! And the goal of this blog? Well, we were are PLANNING to each post a poem every week. But, that will probably last a month. Not to be pessimistic or anything.

My first poem is going to be one I already posted on my other blog  (Check it out!)

SO *big breath*   Here I go!

(the poem with no title and screwed up font)

I’m supposed to let you drive

let you have control
of my life.
I’m not supposed to hurt.

If you take my hand

I could live like
you want me to.
I’m not supposed to
have scars.
You could open my eyes
to everything
around me.

what if I let go?
and lose control

what if you’re not there
to catch me?
Will I fall…

I’m not supposed to have scars.


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