Sunday, October 23, 2011

Maggie again!!!


there are two main categories of single

just before relationship

just after relationship

just after relationship
consists of mostly ice cream eating,
sweat pants wearing,
and weeping in your best friends arms.

this continues for about
2 weeks
and after that
 you are expected
 to slip to to the other category:

Just before relationship
this is were
you primp,
and flirt
and generally
throw yourself
 into the arms
of any male that will catch you
or even ones that won't

but I propose
a third category:
where the word means what it says
and says what it means
where girls have fun with their friends
and every conversation does not center around boys
where SINGLE
and happy
can be synonyms

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Science Class.

Hello world. It's the "T" here (Tamara). Lol. I feel like a rapper.... Not really but i wanted to say that. Ok. So I'm sitting in Science class and I didn't know what I would do when Jen said I should put a poem on here but I don't have a poem... I'll think of something while I'm sitting here.... (This is a free poem so don't judge me)

Science Class

I have nothing to do

The wall says 2 motorcyclists snatch dog poo

I have nothing to say

All the boys are giving a bay (like a dog)

Teacher doesn't care

I could give a trumpet fair

I probably should be nice

But i want to throw a pair of dice

I know. I know. It sucks but I'm not a professional poet. I said don't judge me!!!    :(
Jen and the teacher that I mentioned in the above poem have both read this along with another friend of ours. "Teacher" and Jen both said it was sad that i was using my spare time in science class to blog when I could be playing games but I felt obligated to write a poem for you guys since I didn't do that in the first post. "Teacher" laughed when she read this though so i guess my poetry skills aren't too bad.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Number 5, I guess?

Arre we Numbering our posts? just wondering.

YAY!! jen added me! woot woot!

I am the person writing this blog, or one of many... also known as Maggie.

Here is a poem that I wrote for drama because we were supposed to do a comic love poem. I didn't actually perform it though so I though you guys might like it.

I love pi
as in 3.14
but I also love you
in fact maybe more

which is weird 
because everyone knows that you suck at math
and it's pretty obvious 
you have no career path

I always said 
I'd never fall for a guy
who couldn't at least 
appreciate pi

but now I've been wondering
exactlly why do I care?
You're so dang sweet 
with really great hair

so maybe it's time 
to let go of pi
and fall for a boy
who might make me cry

but if it works out
if we get that far
at least i'll have a guy
to change the tires on my car <3