Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Love Poem...?

Chibiko here! When was our last update? Hmm.........April? Haha! Nobody is posting here anymore....weird!

I just had this poem stuck on my brain for a while...........my mind is gumbled so I'm sorry if it doesn't make sense! It was inspired by a depressing manga I read! It made my eyes all puffy and everything! The manga was, "Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi". Warning, its a Gay manga so............anyways! It has such an amazing storyline and I wanted to sum up the feeling the main character had. Here's my poem!

Sorry for everthing.
I just want to end everything
Please forget it all

I couldn't forget you
After ten years

The dark opening
Is sucking me in
I can't hold anything in
I can't keep clinging onto you
I push you away

Yet you pull me closer
and tell me three words
in a soft whisper.

"I love you"

I can't take it
I don't deserve it
I hate you.

But you know that's not true
I wish the world was as simple
You don't care.

I fight with this feeling everday
You keep pestering me,
loving me,
calling and harrassing me.

But I don't dislike it.