Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's all up to me...

Hi! This is Chibiko from uh......oh yeah! From this blog! - Manga Freak!

Well since Jenny Jen was supposed to do the first post but didn't have time, I did it instead!

As you know (or not), I am a classmate and forever friends with Jenny Jen from the blog, Inside my Head.

Since we make a whole bunch of poems for L.A class (no joke), my friend Meg suggested that we make a blog that consisted of our poems. I have alot of friends that are going to be posting poems so look forward to them! We would post one poem every week (or at least try to...).

Just to throw it out there, I suck at poems so go ahead and laugh at how my poems suck. Just don't critize them! I'm not amazing......and I personally hate writing poems. I actually love reading some because some are just down right amazing! :D

Well here I go. The first poem of the week. I guess I'll start with my favorite one.....hehe.... ^ ^


I can't think of anything else
My mind is clouded
with the thought of Chocolate.

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!!!
Oh, how I want some of it right now.
Oh, my stomach craves for the sweet sensation of
how it melts in your mouth
And sticks to your tongue
and teeth.

I love how it brightens my day
even on my off days.

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!!!

There you go. My poem. I think its ok considering its from me. Thank you for reading it! Please look forward to more poems!!! :D


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